Welding Large Section Plastics with Extruder Welders

Hand Extruder Welders – for welding of large wall section plastics

Extrusion Welders

An ‘extruder welder‘ is used for welding of large wall section thickness plastics materials.
These machines are typically described as ‘hand extruders‘. The tools incorporate an industrial drive unit, a hot air pre-heater, and a ‘welding shoe’. The drive unit powers an extrusion chamber, which will operate with a standard 4mm or 5mm round plastic welding rod. The welding rod is automatically drawn into the extrusion chamber, which is heated via a barrel heater element. The Hot air pre-heater provides the parent material ‘pre-heating’. All functions are infinately controllable, allowing perfect conditions to achieve full strength structural welding. The ‘welding shoes’ can be supplied in pre-shaped profiles, to suit a wide range of welding applications. Blank ‘welding shoes’ can also be supplied to allow the customer to shape to their own custom welding profile requirements.

All Techspan welding equipment is manufactured in Europe (Switzerland/Germany/Austria) meeting the highest standards and providing innovative design & precision engineering – all machines comply with worldwide welding standards as set by the Swiss/German DVS joining society, and all conform to EU safety standards CE.
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Extruder Welding Applications

Typical applications include –
Fabrication of plastic tanks,
Fabrication of Geo-Synthetic liners (pond liners, landfil liners),
Fabrication & Repair of Rotational mouldings,
Fabrication & Repair of Pipes

Extrusion Welding Technique

Techspan branded Extrusion Welders provide the perfect solution in eliminating the need for fancy skills or years of welding experience. Almost anyone can preform perfect welding – thanks to the easy set up and repeatability of welding parameter settings. Parent material pre-heating & the rod plasticising chamber temperatures can be set and controlled to accurate settings via the on-board digital temperature control settings. Welding speeds can also be controlled by the variable rod feed control dial.

Extrusion Welder Shoes

The ‘welding shoes‘ are selected to suit the type of weld you are trying to achieve. For example, to perform a ‘butt weld’, the ‘V’ shaped welding shoe should be fitted.

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The ‘welding shoes’ are fabricated using a high grade PTFE material. ‘Blank’ welding shoes can also be provided to allow the user to shape & profile a specific custom welding requirement.