Welding of Industrial Fabrics

Geomembrane Liners, Blind Fabrics, Tarpaulins, Truck & Rail Curtain-siders, Covers, Shade Sails, Printed Banners – in fact almost any synthetic flexible material can usually be welded.  There are two types of welding technologies usually employed when welding of Industrial Fabrics.

  • Hot Air Overlap Welding
  • Hot Wedge Welding

Hot Air Overlap Welders

Welding Industrial Fabrics with hot air can is common place today. Both Automatic Overlap welders, and Hand welders are used to overlap weld material joins where the fabrication is ‘in-house’ – meaning the welding will be carried out on a flat, hard surface – such as a large bench top, or a hard, smooth floor.  The hot air is produced by a Techspan Hot Air Blower, with a special nozzle which slides between the overlaped material. An onboard motor drives the machine along the length of the material to be welded.  Welding speed, temperature and airflow can all be controlled on board the Overlap Welding machine.

Hot Wedge Welders

The Hot Wedge welders are an automatic machine, which has a heated ceramic wedge, that slides between the material overlap and contacts and heats both sides of the material. Grip rollers can be set up to provide correct pressure and a motor drives the machine along the length of the material. Wedge Welders are also usually designed to be used ‘on-site’ eg. welding a liner for a pond or landfill site.  Welding speed, temperature, and pressure can all be controlled on board the Wedge Welding machine.

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