BAK-AG Extruder Welders

Manufactured in Switzerland, BAK-AG manufacture industrial equipment for Plastic Welding. All equipment complies to DVS worldwide welding standards set by the Swiss/German DVS Joining Society. High grade materials and high technology for trouble free plastics welding & repair.

In New Zealand and Australia we supply this equipment under the Techspan brand.

Hand welding extruders from BAK for extrusion welding :
BAK-AG hand welding extruders are your perfect choice for the extrusion welding of thermoplastics on construction sites or in-house. The hand welding extruders are available in different versions. You will find your perfect extruder for every material and thickness.

BAK-AG extruders have been developed for the flexible use and are field-tested. All hand welding extruders are built compact and robust. They are easy to maintain and user-friendly.

For an easy transport, a practical metal case is available additionally to the hand extrusion welders. You will definitely find the suitable accessory for your application to ensure that every welding seam is of perfect quality.

BAK industrial extruders for automated extrusion welding:

BAK-AG industrial extruders are usable for the automated extrusion welding of thermoplastics in different materials and thicknesses. The industrial extruders are suitable for continuous operation and can also be used for 3D-printers.

The functional and compact design of the industrial extruders is an important issue for us, as well as easy maintenance. The industrial extruders are available in different sizes and with different output. Our wide range of accessories for the industrial extruders will guarantee you to have the appropriate equipment for every application

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