How to Weld Plastics video 1 million views

A few years back we started a series of videos in order to assist customers in gaining the required knowledge in how to achieve effective, structural welding of plastics. The first one uploaded has just recently surpassed 1 million Youtube views.
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Plastic Welding : Defence Force commission Techspan for Training

Techspan Plastic Welding Tools are manufactured to meet worldwide welding standards, as set by the DVS Swiss/German Joining Association. Techspan can provide training on “how to weld plastics” to DVS standards.
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Plastic Welding Training Text Book

The Plastics Fix Training Text Book

Written by Graham McDonagh, an expert in the field, the Plastics Fix text book is a thorough and authoritative guide to plastic fabrication and repair welding. Read more

Plastic Welding Technique provides extreme strength

The following information was provided to a customer recently asking a “Technical Question – Weld Strength” (hot air plastic welding) –
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