Plastic Welding Rods – NEW bulk rolls – Save time, buy online

Save time, buy online – Bulk rolls of plastic welding rods :

You can now purchase larger bulk plastic welding rods online. Bulk rolls are now available on spools of 400 meters. These bulk rolls are ideal for plastic fabricators or those using plastic extrusion welders.

A full range of Plastic Welding Rods are available for ‘online’ purchases, via our e-commerce online shop.

Techspan plastic welding rods are available in a variety of materials and colours, and they are available in a range of various profiles. Only high quality, virgin materials are used in the manufacture of Techspan Plastic Welding Rods.

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Welding Rod De-reeler Boxes :

A simple, effective way of keep track of your plastic welding rod type and helping to keep the welding rod clean –

Techspan has developed a new concept for housing your plastic welding rod. Its a very simple idea, that was developed to help customers to achieve two main objectives.

1. Keeps your welding rod clean – The welding rod de-reeler boxes are designed to help keep your welding rod clean. A small hole in the side of the de-reeler allows the welding rod to be feed and de-reeled by simply drawing more rod through the exit hole.

2. Easy identification of your welding rod type – Plastic welding rods have in the past been supplied and packaged using a shrink film, which has resulted in many customers finding themselves with rolls of plastic welding rod without any indication of the material type. The De-reeler boxes help solve this problem by simply allowing the rod type and description labels to be attached to the outside of the box itself.


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