Plastic Welding Repair of Water Tank

Repair of plastics is a reality and can be completed with relative ease.

What is Extrusion welding ?
This is one of the processes used to weld thermoplastic materials. It was developed in the 1960’s as an evolution of hot air welding.

The process uses a welding head (welding shoe) that has a nozzle for hot air and a plasticizing chamber (barrel) that pushes filler material (welding rod) out through the welding head (welding shoe). The process entails heating of the joint surfaces by means of heat of and addition of molten or plasticized filler material (extrudate) being extruded through a die (welding shoe). The extrudate is applied with pressure to ensure good bonding, and then the part is allowed to cool.

In general, an exruder welder is used on materials with a wall section thickness 10mm or larger. Below 10mm wall section thickness a standard Hand Held Hot Air Welding Tool can be employed. In fact most users of extruder welders will also have and use a Hand Held Hot Air Plastic Welding Tool, for small finishing welding jobs.

Extruder Repair Welding – Water Tank

Watch a structural repair of a damaged water tank. An Extruder Welder is used together with a hand held welder.

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