Plastic Welding Kits – for Plastic Fabricators

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Available in either “standard” or “premium” versions, and you can chose between analogue (no bells & whistles), or Digital models.
There are even a few different makes to chose from.

And due to our online business model, cost of our equipment is kept low. No high overheads here.

All of our Fabrication plastic welding kits come complete with a carry case. The BAK models are supplied with metal cases, and the Leister models are supplied with ABS cases. The Techspan models come with a robust HDPE carry case.  Never lose your nozzles again.

Together with the Fabrication Kits, we can also offer a range of kits for – 

Fabrication Kits – for Fabrication of plastics

Automotive Repair Kits – for Automotive plastic repairs

Roofing Kits – for welding of waterproofing membranes

Flooring Kits – for welding vinyl flooring & wall coverings

Tarps & Covers Kits – for welding of tarps, covers, shade sail materials & banner materials

ACM Panel Kits – for welding of Aluminium Composite Material (plastic core welding)

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How To Weld Plastic

For more information about “how to weld plastics” click here. You will find our step by step guide on how to achieve strong, structural plastic welding.

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