Plastic Welding Kits New Range

New range of Plastic Welding Kits

Plastic Welding Tools Pty Limited Australia, release new extended range of Plastic Welding Kits

New and improved range of plastic welding kits have been released by Plastic Welding Tools Pty Limited, with an larger range of welding tool brands. Carry cases are now included as standard equipment with every kit. The range has been set up into the following ‘industry sectors’ to help make it easier to make the correct selection to suit your particular plastic welding application.

Fabrication Kits
Automotive Kits
Roofing Kits
Flooring Kits
Tarps & Covers Kits
ACM Panel Kits

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The range includes only high quality tools, offering Standard or Premium selections and with either Analogue or Digital models.
All from world leading manufacturers including – BAK-AG Switzerland | TECHSPAN | Leister Technologies

You will find pricing is extremely competitive thanks to our online shopping model, saving you valuable time, when you buy online.  Our site accepts Visa, Mastercard or pay by Direct Bank Deposit. Helping to make your selection and purchase easy and at the lowest prices.

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