New Overlap Roofing Welder – Roofon R edge 40

Techspan introduce the latest Overlap Welder – for getting up close to the edge ..

Manufactured by BAK Switzerland, the new model Roofon 40 “R-eDGE”, offers a 40mm overlap weld at speeds up to 12 meters per minute. Welding Speed, Temperature and Airflow are all infinitely adjustable, which allows perfect set up of the welding machine with specific materials. The new Roofon “R-eDGE” automatic overlap welder, allows perfect welding up close to an edge – eg. close to walls, edge of roofing membranes – by a unique ‘right hand’ welding method.

Planon Roofon R-edge 40 004

– 40mm Overlap Weld Seam
– Automatic Drive Start System
– 20 – 600 deg C Temperature Range
– 12m / min Welding Speed
– Voltage 230, 50 Hz
– Wattage 3500w
– Made in Switzerland
– 2 Year Limited Warranty



Planon Roofon R-edge 40 002Planon Roofon R-edge 40 003 Planon Roofon R-edge 40