NEW Industrial Hot Air Tool with Brushless Motor

Introducing the “Eron BL” industrial hot air tool

The NEW Techspan Hot Air Blower model Eron BL (Brushless) is available in two wattages. Eron BL 2300 watt and Eron BL 3400 watt.

Suitable for process heating applications – including, shrinking, drying, solid fuel igniting, heating, welding and bending. Ultra reliable. Ergonic handle design, allows for comfortable ‘hand-held’ use, or easy mounting into machinery due to ‘flat sided’ handle. The Eron BL tools also feature a two component moulded handle with hard and soft materials for extra handling comfort.

Main features:

  • Induction Motor (Brushless), rated for continuous operation
  • Fully Self-contained with built-in blower
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Temperature range 20 – 700 deg C
  • Voltage 230, 10 amp / 16 amp
  • Wattage 2300 / 3400
  • Ceramic Heating Element Technology
  • Dimensions 94x320mm
  • Weight 1.6 kg
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Made in Switzerland

Eron BL Handle


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Eron BL 2300 watt  
Eron BL 3400 watt