Shrinking, forming, welding, heating, de-icing, activating resins…. are all common applications for Industrial Hot Air devices. A wide range of physical sizingS and wattages are available and are used with connection to our range of Industrial Blowers. Combinations of these can provide airflow to multiple Hot Air Heat Sources. ‘BLOWERS’ The Hot Air Tool heat sources require an external air source. We offer a wide range of induction blowers which are rated for continuous operation. With correct selection these blowers can be used in combination with a number of the heater devices. They are connected via a simple connection hose. These combinations mean the physical sizing of the equipment can therefore easily be integrated into existing machinery and equipment. ‘FULLY SELF CONTAINED HOT AIR TOOLS’ We have a range of Hot Air Tools which include their own ‘built-in’ blower. These incorporated induction blowers are rated for continuous operation, making them a good choice for industrial heating in the manufacturing sector. ‘HOT AIR TOOL HEAT SOURCES’ A wide range of physical sizes and wattages are available to meet the most demanding heating requirements. With the use of connection hose, multiple tools can be used in conjunction with an appropriate blower (above). This makes fitting into existing equipment and machinery very easy due to the small slimline of the industrial heat source tools. ‘ACCESSORY NOZZLES FOR HOT AIR TOOLS’ A range of accessory nozzles can be supplied to suit the full range of hot air tools. Wide Slot nozzles can be fitted to broaden or concentrate the hot air jet to where it is required. Manufactured in Stainless Steel. Industrial Hot Air Applications Need further information?