Hand Held Ultrasonic tacker HT35-2

This ergonomic device with automatic triggering is perfectly suitable for the welding of synthetic textiles, non-wovens, plastic foils, coated packaging and many other materials.

Both the standardized symmetrical horn and the adjustable flat surface anvil are available with custom-designed knurling and provide a weld surface of approximately 6mm x 9mm. The ultrasonic activation point is adjustable according to specific requirements. The integrated rotatable transducer protects the device against cable damage whereas tool attrition is prevented by an adjustable mechanical stopper. The hand tacker is operable with an SL35-400/600 or an RL35-400/600 ultrasonic generator. A valve box for transducer cooling is available as an option. The low clamping force and the perfect alignment of horn and anvil make the HT35-2 a reliable, easy-to-use device. Techspan© offer the complete range of RINCO ULTRASONICS advanced ultra-reliable microprocessor controlled ultrasonic plastic welding systems, with high level standard specifications. Modular, multipress, and actuator systems are offered, including compact actuators for machine builders. Equipment is modular, enabling systems to be mixed and matched to suit the particular welding application. This modular design concept enables us to specify an ultrasonic welding system perfectly matched to the customers application. This modular design concept also allows quick system upgrades, without the replacement of the entire machine, and easy servicing. Manufactured in Switzerland.