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PVC membrane welding – Cafe Blinds & Tarps

Plastic Welding Tools – Automatic or Hand held Welding tools Automatic welding machines can be used to perform repeatable welding of waterproof membranes like, PVC, TPO, PU, PE, PP, in fact almost all synthetic materials can be welded.

Techspan Midget Racecar with Nathan Smee

Techspan Plastic Welding Tools sponsor Midget Racing car with Australian Midget Car Champion ” Nathan Smee ” covering the Australian/New Zealand Midget racing season 2013/2014 . Automotive plastics repairs can be effectively repaired using Techspan plastic welding tools, so it was a logical idea for Techspan to support the cause.

What to consider before buying a Plastic Welding Tool

Plastic Welding Tools – What to consider before you buy Welding plastics is not rocket science, but the tools required to effect strong, structural plastic welding or repairs can be very important. Ensure you are familiar with the process, but also the equipment necessary to perform ‘trouble free’ plastic welding first time.

Plastics Identification prior to welding

Plastic Welding & repair is relatively easy to carry out, and providing you follow a few fundamental steps, strong structural welds can be achieved. Due to the high replacement cost of damaged plastic components Welding & repair of these parts becomes a very wise choice.