Buy your plastic welding accessory nozzles online

We carry a wide range of accessories for plastic welding tools –

Correct welding technique is aided by the use of correct accessories. Take a look at our extensive range here.

Our range includes

  • Rotary Burrs
  • Tacking Nozzles
  • Speed Welding Nozzles (round, triangular or tape profiles)
  • Swan Neck Nozzles
  • Standard Nozzles (for pendulum welding)
  • Wide Slot Nozzles (various angles)
  • Feed Rollers
  • Penny Rollers
  • Silicone Pressure Rollers (various widths)
  • PTFE Pressure Rollers
  • Seam Probes
  • Hand Groovers
  • Hollow Groovers
  • Flooring Groovers
  • Rod Trimmers
  • Knives & Spatulas

We also supply a wide range of Plastic Welding Rod